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I'm Dr. Klein, and I run a Northern San Diego / Solana Beach psychological practice for adolescents and adults; offering multiple forms of therapy, couples counseling, and psychological/personality assessments. 

I am a trained psychoanalytic psychologist and a member of the San Diego Psychoanalytic Center. The form of therapy or analysis in which you may engage with me is likely quite different from what you may have experienced so far. This is a depth focused, insight-oriented approach, which helps you gain greater mastery over your identity, your emotions, and your behaviors both independent and interpersonal, by way of expanding your knowledge of your inner self. We will do this through an acquired understanding of our interaction in my office; with the acknowledgment that you bring a host of mannerisms and patterns of relating carried forward from your development. 


I will be providing affordable adult psychoanalytic treatment beginning in early 2016. 

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Your experiences and struggles are complex and have multiple causes. Noticing the confluence of your development and your ecology, and how they have led to your sense of identity and interpersonal tendencies is truly paramount to understanding a way forward. Indeed, the way forward is found not at the end of such a journey but throughout the therapeutic expanse.

I view your personality as a constellation of adaptive and necessary features that you have unknowingly crafted in order to manage the demands of your life from a young age onward. I will keep in mind your inner aspirations for less suffering while also bearing in mind that you have some significant and usually unknown reasons for feeling as though you cannot or should not grasp what you want. My approach is greatly influenced by established and also modern psychoanalytic models of the mind. The immediacy of interacting with me in and through our connection as it happens is immeasurably more influential than looking at therapy like some sort of homework or classroom situation. 

When we first begin meeting, I will try to learn about you and your experiences, and also what you are trying to sort out. Usually in the first or second session I will let you know how our time may be useful. The ultimate goal of successful therapy is a more desirable life; his notion is the broadest of our aims, and remains ever-present.

It is common for people to want to "have coping skills" and solve immediate problems. While I understand a desire for an end to suffering, your problems are obviously complex to the extent that solution focuses and cognitive changes have not worked so far. Coming to me with a curiosity about the multiple meanings and concealed causes your struggles involve will aid in our quest to have a more lasting solution.

Psychological Testing and Assessment

Tailored test development to meet your needs. Useful and applied feedback for your mental health planning.
I offer a full range of accurate psychological testing and assessment for diagnostic personality, cognitive, intellectual, occupational, educational, and fitness for duty. In addition to the types of assessments listed below, I can often tailor testing to your unique request. 


About Me

Dedicated to learning as a way of life, I carry that philosophy into the way I practice. My position is that I must develop an understanding about your unique personality and your equally unique personal struggles so that we can more fully understand how you can move forward to more of the life you want.

I have rigorous training in psychotherapy and also in a range of advanced psychological and neurocognitive testing and assessment. 

Education and Advanced Training

Ph.D., Clinical Psychology (APA Accredited): California School of Professional Psychology: Alliant International University, San Diego. Magna Cum Laude
MA, Clinical Psychology, California School of Professional Psychology: Alliant International University, San Diego, Suma Cum Laude
BA, Psychology, Siena College, Cum Laude
3 years of predoctoral internship/practicum training:  neurocognitive, educational, and psychological testing and assessment, psychotherapy, clinical, educational, and medical settings. Adolescents, Adults.
3 years of additional training under a regional psychoanalyst: private psychodynamic practice
Past Fellow, San Diego Psychoanalytic Center


Currently engaged in an intensive four year program in Adult Psychoanalysis at the San Diego Psychoanalytic Center. 

Professional/Field Advancement

Private practice experience for over seven years
Group practice: child psychology and neuropsychological testing
Post Doctoral Fellow of specialized school for learning disordered and emotionally challenged children and teens
Psychiatric Researcher/Clinician at the Institute of Living- Hartford Hospital, CT: a nationally recognized and historic mental health hospital
Expert trainer to fellow psychologists on the use of the Rorschach Performance Assessment System
Expert trainer to San Diego Supervising Psychologists in HIPAA Compliance
Forensic Psychological Assessment Unit with the State of California Department of Corrections 

Forensic Psychologist for the San Diego Juvenille Court System

Academic Publications

Published in biopsychology and also in testing and assessments. 

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