With Gratitude to Our Generous Donors

SDPC expresses its deep gratitude to our donors, and we hope that their generosity will inspire you to join us with your financial support in the coming years.

Please take a moment to consider the impact of psychoanalytic treatment and education in your personal and professional life.

If you believe psychoanalytic thinking has helped you become a better spouse, parent, friend, and professional, please help us insure that SDPC will continue to positively touch the lives of many patients and professionals in the future.

In October, 2015, SDPC set up 2 fundraising goals to insure the viability of SDPC’s advanced mental health training programs and to promote psychoanalytic thinking to the mental health community and the public. Some of our members have stepped up, and we greatly appreciate their participation. Now, we invite others to join us by donating *any* amount.

Our goals for 2015-2016:

1.         Achieve 100% participation of donation of any level among its 110 members

2.         Reach $150,000 in the Endowment Fund by the end of 2016

How did we do in 2015-2016?

1.         39% of members participated

2.         Contributions toward balancing the budget in one year: $41,525.47

3.         Endowment Fund: $54,547.60

SDPC raised tuition (which had not been increased in years) and fees for workshops, events and membership. Thanks to your donations, SDPC was able to balance its budget in 2015-2016.

Goals for 2016-2017

1.         Achieve 100% participation of donation of any level among its 110 members

2.         Reach $150,000 in the Endowment Fund by the end of 2017

Our donors understand and support psychoanalytic thinking, as it is the most individualized and intensive means of promoting mental health and developing rewarding lives.  The San Diego Psychoanalytic Center, using a psychoanalytic model, continues to provide clinicians with an additional framework to understand human suffering and treat each patient as a unique psychological being.

For well over 100 years, psychotherapy based upon the knowledge derived from psychoanalysis has been a mainstay in the treatment of mental illness around the world.

Current research has shown that a psychoanalytically oriented understanding of mental illness is compatible with the current information from the neurosciences regarding the working of the brain. Even in patients whose mental illness has some biological basis, psychological factors contribute to the onset, expression, and course of their illness.

YOUR SUPPORT MATTERS. Your support will contribute to this work and enhance the opportunity for more people in our community to find therapists who provide this important and effective psychological dimension in their treatment.

We are most grateful for all your efforts to maintain the vitality of SDPC.