Member Spotlight: Jason Bennett, M.D.

Jason Bennett, M.D.

What was your pathway toward entering the mental health field?

I was an English major in undergrad and had a strong interest in literary criticism where I encountered Freud for the first time. Then, I went to medical school and became more interested in talking to patients than doing things to them (especially patients with chronic medical illness). Pursuing an understanding of the “talking cure” grew naturally from those experiences.

Tell us about your educational experience thus far at SDPC: Particular courses, experiences, teachers, supervisors/consultants that have been most formative?

I have really appreciated the flexibility as I pursue a very non-traditional path towards graduation. The faculty has been understanding and helpful in developing a plan to graduate in light of military deployments and other changing life circumstances.

How has your training in psychoanalysis or psychoanalytic psychotherapy affected a) your practice, and b) your professional development? Other areas of life?

My own personal analysis, as much as it is part of training, has had an immeasurable impact on my practice and professional development. More than a theory or technique, my training and analysis represent a consistent viewpoint that affects every aspect of my life.

Tell us about your practice and who you are most interested in working with.

I enjoy working with adults in long term psychotherapy with or without medication managment.

Where is your practice, and how can potential patients contact you?

 I am in the UTC area and can be reached at