The Power of Specificity Theory in Psychotherapy

“The Power of Specificity in Psychotherapy: When Therapy Works – And When It Doesn’t”, is a clinically rich presentation of the specificity of the psychoanalytic process, which he regards as central to a contemporary perspective on psychoanalytic practice.  That regardless of the possible relevance of any particular psychoanalytic theory, optimal therapeutic potential is pre-eminently a function of the unique and specific capacities, and limitations, of the particular dyad in their emergent process, in the moment and over time.




Saturday, February 10, 2018 - 10:00am to 12:00pm



4455 Morena Blvd., Ste 202
San Diego, CA 92117
United States
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SDPC Members & Professionals: $35, Candidates/Students/Fellows: $25

Educational Objective(s)

  • To understand the relevance of Specificity theory in Contemporary Psychoanalysis and Psychotherapy
  • Describe how the perspectives of Specificity theory change psychoanalytic practice
  • How to integrate the Power of Specificity Theory as clinicians

Presenter Information

Howard Bacal, M.D. is a Training and Supervising Analyst at the Institute of Contemporary Psychoanalysis and at the New Center for Psychoanalysis. During his training in adult and child psychoanalysis at the British Psychoanalytic Institute, Howard had the rare opportunity to work with a number of significant, innovative figures in our field:  Michael Balint, Anna Freud, Donald Winnicott, Marion Milner, Wilfred Bion, Betty Joseph, Charles Rycroft, J.D. Sutherland, and Heinz Kohut. 


Moderator Information: Sanford Shapiro, M.D. is the author of “Talking with Patients—A Self Psychological View.” Dr. Shapiro is a training and supervising analyst at SDPC, at the Newport Psychoanalytic Institute, and at the Institute of Contemporary Psychoanalysis, Los Angeles.