Third Annual Southern California Conference on Psychodynamic Research (SCCPR): Current Interests

An Allan Rosenblatt Memorial Event

SCCPR is a one-day conference held at SDPC. Its purpose is to provide a forum for the presentation and discussion of the best research related to psychoanalytic ideas conducted by graduate students in the region, and thus to encourage excellence in psychodynamically oriented research.

The program is attended by members of SDPC, local faculty from various graduate programs, psychiatry residents, mental health professionals and graduate students.


Saturday, April 14, 2012 - 9:00am to 3:00pm
8:30 AM - Registration/Light Breakfast / 12 Noon - Light Lunch



4455 Morena Boulevard, Suite 202
San Diego, CA 92117
United States
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$30 for All participants including presenters
$20 for Students

Educational Objective(s)

  • Describe the current areas of psychodynamic research explored in the region.
  • Apply concepts and techniques discussed at the conference to their own work.
  • Integrate cultural and linguistic competencies in their research.