Two Breakthroughs for the Price of One: Promoting Your Psychotherapy and Psychoanalysis Practice Online

For Psychoanalysts and Psychoanalytic Psychotherapists:  Two Breakthroughs for the Price of One!

(An SDPC Practice Promotion Meetup for Learning and Networking)

An active, senior colleague recently reported that, because he has no website, some of his colleagues thought he had retired!

Do you want an opportunity to show people with mental health concerns how your psychoanalytically-oriented training and experience can help them? Have you avoided or down-played an online presence because you are concerned about an unprofessional appearance of "tooting your horn" and making unwarranted claims?

Zack Sugarman, Vice President, Social Media & Digital, Wasserman Media Group, will share tactics he uses to promote star athletes and sports brands. You will learn how psychoanalysts and psychotherapists can effectively and ethically adapt these tactics to promote their practices. Some online-savvy SDPC members will also describe the impact of web marketing on their psychotherapy/ psychoanalytic practice.   

Join us for this educational and networking event. You'll have an exciting tour of cutting-edge methods you can readily use to spread the word, in a professional manner, about your therapy practice. You'll have opportunity for lively discussion with our presenters, as well as ample time to network with your colleagues. 

Please note: 1. Please register early. Seating is limited, and we expect this event to sell-out quickly. 2. This event will focus on specific practice-building tactics. It will not deal with the psychological impact of the internet on psychoanalytically-oriented treatment. Those important issues will be addressed in a future presentation.  



Saturday, June 21, 2014 - 9:00am to 12:00pm
8:30 am registration/ light breakfast



4455 Morena Boulevard, Suite 202
San Diego, CA 92117
United States
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SDPC Members, Student Members, and Associate Members: Free
Non-Members: $39

Presenter Information

 Zack Sugarman is Vice President, Social Media & Digital, Wasserman Media Group. 


Two breakthroughs for the price of one!